The process of painting rattan furniture

Indonesia rattan | Wicker furniture Indonesia | Cane craft Online The process of painting rattan furniture is very important. This way you can have the desired texture and the color you want for your furniture. Our furniture is painted with specialized machinery: – The rattan material in the grinding machines uses a very soft sandpaper. – After achieving a smooth finish, we apply the new color – After the color, another sanding and subsequent drying process follows. – After that Melamic Doff is applied, and the process ends.  

industrial wicker and rattan furniture from Indonesia

  In order to show the best design results of industrial wicker and rattan furniture from Indonesia and further promote the commercialization and development of the national rattan processing industries, exhibits of rattan furniture products were organized in this country. This exhibition was followed by Indonesian furniture and rattan manufacturers, who joined the members of the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Association. Features that make a piece of furniture the best Potential rattan material: Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of rattan , it is estimated that 80% of the rattan raw material in the world is produced by Indonesia, the rest is produced by other countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries. The rattan producing areas, namely, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Papua with an Indonesian rattan potential of approximately 622,000 tons / year. Monitoring policies To reactivate the national rattan processing industry,

Natural rattan factory and Synthetic rattan furniture

Rattan Wicker on Desk Table   Certainly, we will help you to realize the dream home concept. If you have a new creative idea and taste of your rattan wicker table, we also welcome with custom design and modification. Experience in the furniture industry for more than two decade with full strong team works we believe that we can bring quality on you. Indonesia is also well known as the biggest rattan furniture vendor with high quality natural rattan for worldwide market. Approximately 90% of rattan material are from Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, and Papua island. But, if you want to visit  rattan furniture manufacturers in Indonesia , you need to go to Solo. We are welcome if you importer, project manager, wholesaler, also retailer or even personal use to complete your furniture stock. RATTAN FURNITURE  |  NATURAL RATTAN  |  INDONESIA RATTAN  | TABLE FURNITURE | RATTAN TABLE | CANE TABLE My Rattan is a leading Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of rattan

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Image , where to buy Indonesia furniture for wooden furniture & rattan wooden furniture. decorative lighting & craft from Indonesian furniture manufacturers , furniture wholesale , furniture suppliers, also furniture exporter . We has built its reputation as a leading furniture exporter company in Asia. We manufacture furniture for hotel , restaurant, also other hospitality furniture projects . We are based in Solo, Central Java. Our customers from agencies, hotels, villas, hospitals, offices, stores, restaurants, resorts, villas, apartments, hospitality, interior design , private house & hotel projects (FF & E). Your one stop shop for Indonesian furniture , lighting and craft . We are a Indonesian furniture wholesale exporter & manufacturer. Our modern contemporary wood furniture workshops empowering local craftsmen in Solo, outdoor & indoor furniture with mahogany & solid teak wood furniture in Klaten, natural rattan fu

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Indonesia synthetic rattan furniture | Indonesia furniture We are a leading Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of  synthetic rattan furniture  located in Solo. We have more  experience in furniture business and manufacture. Our company has also other collection such as indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and lighting made of  synthetic rattan   and  natural rattan . Our staff that always endeavors to satisfy our customers’ needs, also supported by skillful crafts man, which are covered by quality system management to make sure that quality was rooted permanently in all aspects of its production. Stand as  synthetic rattan furniture , we proudly present our collection through this site. Available in living set , dining set , bar set , Lounge chair attend in modern furniture design .We have been developing designs as outdoor synthetic rattan and ever changing products as we adapt to our customer needs . All our furniture are handmade products and manufactured by skil

Natural Rattan Furniture

We have been manufacturing and supplying natural rattan furniture . We don't mind if you call it Rattan, Wicker, Cane, Rotin or Rotan, we love making gorgeous, durable furniture from this sustainable material. Rattan is an amazing resource to use for furniture production. Rattan naturally grows in the forests of Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra. Unfortunately, the tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia are being cleared at a faster pace than other regions in the world. Indonesia Rattan | Wholesale Indonesia furniture | Natural Rattan Furniture   The animals in these regions, such as the endangered orangutans, are fighting to keep their homes and we need to encourage the government in Indonesia to protect these rain forests from being cleared for Palm Oil plantations by growing our natural rattan industry which symbiotically relies on the rain forests for survival. ​Rattan grows at an astonishingly fast pace and it can only be found in the rain forests as the rattan

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  Rattan from Indonesia | Furniture manufacturers Indonesia | Indonesia furniture wholesale Welcome to Indonesia rattan manufacturers . We  are an online wicker furniture factory based on Solo, Jawa Tengah - Indonesia, Asia. We produce Indonesia wicker furniture & contaminated with wooden materials. makes Patio furniture for your home living design or hospitality furniture projects. We receive custom design rattan furniture for hotel furniture suppliers . We exported our Indonesia indoor rattan furniture to worldwide. Please don't hesitate to send us your inquiry related our products and services. Greeting from us Welcome to Furniture, manufacturer, exporter, supplier of rattan furniture in Indonesia . Our best rattan furniture products began from our passion of beauty, being attentive to details, as well as prompt delivery. As one of the trust able rattan manufacturer we never lack of ideas to present furniture crafted from natural or synth